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Package Design: Keybrand Deli Classics

Case Study Keybrand Banner

The Back Story

As a private label specialist, Keybrand Foods had always developed products for several companies under individual brand names. Based on this experience, they saw an opportunity to expand their business by developing a new line of packaged deli salads under their own brand. This new line included the launch of eight traditional deli salads and six new gourmet salads to the retail marketplace. Eyelight was selected due to its extensive food packaging experience and the team hit the ground running!

Getting Started

Planning discussions with the sales team started the process so we could learn about the challenges and opportunities regarding the retailers and competition. We also discussed Keybrand’s manufacturing capabilities and past experiences with printing issues and suitable containers.

Our research included a competitive review of local grocery stores to document competitive brands, their shelf presence, pricing and point-of-purchase sales aids. Further review of each competitor's website allowed us to take a closer look at their brand’s positioning, tagline, brand attributes and complete product offering.

With a solid understanding of the playing field, we developed a plan and recommendations to get started.

Developing The New Brand Name And Logo

Name Development

Now it was time to develop a name for this new line! The creative juices were flowing and several names emerged. After paring them down to our top favourites, an online trademark search was performed to help narrow the field. Our favourites were pitched and Deli Classics was the clear winner!

Logo Design

The word ‘deli’ conjures up many images in one’s mind. The most recognizable visual is the chalkboard menu signage filled with coloured chalk illustrations and mouth-watering descriptions of the daily specials. It was a natural choice to apply this look and feel to the logo and packaging to emphasize these specialty salads.

The logo design incorporates a hand-drawn font with the word ‘DELI’ being coloured in with chalk. The swirls and line embellishments suggest a hand-made quality which is exactly the image we wanted to achieve in order for customers to be enticed to purchase any of the new delicious, deli-style specialty salads.

Case Study Keybrand Logo

The Design Process

Design of Specialty Gourmet Salad Packages

There were six specialty salads that required a different, more sophisticated packaging approach to position them as gourmet. A clear oval tub was preferred from a manufacturing perspective and allowed the customer to see the contents. The lid was available in many colours, but black was the best choice to reinforce the deli chalkboard look. Instead of photography, we opted for custom chalk-style illustrations for each salad (as shown below) which complimented the logo and whole deli theme. Each package incorporated an accent colour to ensure the flavours were distinguishable at the deli counter.

Case Study Keybrand Products

Design of Traditional Salad Packages

There were also eight traditional salads (including coleslaw and potato salad) that were part of the Deli Classics line so the package design was adapted to suit these varieties. The black chalkboard look was consistent on all, while a colour palette was developed and incorporated to differentiate each flavour (as shown below). The labels all shared a common design approach and were applied to both the small and large tubs.

Case Study Keybrand Package

Bringing it all together

With the packaging complete, it was now time to develop the necessary support materials including a bilingual website, product sheet and in-store coupon. 

Masonry Keybrand 1
Masonry Keybrand 2
Masonry Keybrand 3
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