There's a lot involved with creating a 'silent salesperson' and we can guide you through the strategic process of how to successfully achieve that by ensuring your visual elements and key messages are skillfully combined into one cohesive look that’s consistent with your brand and will drive sales.

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Our Package Design Process

Each package is unique and must convey a lot of information, while communicating the product benefits in a clean and appealing manner. Here are a few considerations we’ll discuss with you as we start the process:

  • Who is your customer? Who will buy this product and why?
  • Are there competitive products? Is your product any different? How?
  • Does your product require government approvals?
  • Are there any environmental considerations or claims required?
  • Are there manufacturing limitations that will impact the package design? 
  • How will the package be printed (litho, flexo, dye-sublimation - these all require specific design considerations)?
  • Will photography or illustration be required?
  • How will language impact the design? Canadian packaging must be bilingual. Many packages abroad are trilingual.
  • How will your product be supported at retail (point-of-purchase, ad campaign, promotion, website, all of these)?

Let's get started! The steps we take to design your package include:

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There are many components that go into the development of a package. Usually the first step is selection of the substrate. Will the design be printed directly to a cardboard box, a plastic bag or tub, or will a label be affixed? This direction determines the printing method and will impact the design direction. We will also discuss whether photography is required and review all of the necessary content that must appear on the package. With food packaging, there are more regulations to follow. 

Canadian Packaging Standards

In Canada, all packaging MUST be bilingual with both English and French content using the same font size. When it comes to food packaging, all of the Canadian Federal Inspection Agency (CFIA) standards must be met and approved before the package can be printed. The regulations are less stringent for non-food items, however claims must be truthful and content must still appear equal in both languages. There’s a lot to know and we’re here to help make the process a bit easier.

What Our Clients Say

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I’ve worked with Eyelight now for several years on developing our branded packaging, as well as any additional projects such as promotional material for global tradeshows including booth design, sell sheets, banners, prize draws, ballots and more! They are willing to work with our ideas, as well as thinking outside the box to create the best possible design suited to our products. They have taken our ideas from conceptual to an outstanding finished package or project. I can always count on Eyelight for exceptional customer service, creative ideas, and efficiency to meet timelines. Thanks for all your hard work! Diane Einwechter
Project Manager – Sales/Marketing
Grand River Foods


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  • Keybrand
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  • Dimplex
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  • Gourmet Grille
  • Rotisserie Gold
  • Canada Cordage

What does package design cost?

There are many factors that impact the overall cost of package design. Generally speaking, the investment in a new package design will cost approximately $3,500 - $5,500. Smaller packages will be less, while more complex packages may be more.

When there are multiple labels or packages within a line, the initial design will typically take more time to develop and then act as a template for the others.   

Selecting the right partner

Whether you’re updating an existing package or developing a new one, it’s important to select an agency partner that has proven experience in creating well-designed packaging. In addition to this, the agency should also be able to take it one step further and develop a range of marketing support materials that will be crucial to increasing product awareness, enhancing your shelf presence, and driving sales.

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