Case Study

Logo Development: Innocente Brewing Company

Case Study Innocente Banner

Creative Brief

As designers, our goal is to create a logo that represents your brand’s personality. While the end result may look simple, the steps to get there require a lot of thought. Your brand is unique and the successful creation of that identity takes time. To give you an idea of what's involved with this type of exercise, let's look at the logo development process for the Innocente Brewing Company.

Eyelight was asked to develop a visual identity for the brewery which was located in Waterloo, Ontario. It was scheduled to open in a few months, so we were set with the task to design the logo and integrate it into a label design for its launch.

Stephen Innocente, the brew master who had won several awards for his craft brews in Scotland (while studying Saccharomyces cerevisiae; the science of yeast) had returned to Canada and was ready to turn his passion into a full-time endeavour. Innocente Bystander, Innocente Conscience and Innocente Fling were the core brews to be launched and all played well on the family’s last name in a fun, tongue-in-cheek style. The branding and label treatment needed to equally embrace this fun, spirited personality.


To start, we visited local craft breweries, the LCBO and online websites to learn all we could about craft beer within the Region and surrounding area. Inspired by many words, phrases, visual elements, samples and sources, we brainstormed the approach that best suited the brewery and would uniquely position the brand on its values.

Case Study Innocente Logos

Ideation Process and Development

Starting with pencil and paper, we began developing some initial conceptual sketches. As a few directions started to take shape, we moved onto the computer to go through the following activities to define the elements that truly ‘spoke’ to Innocente's brand personality.

Font Selection:

A few fonts were carefully chosen to match and enrich the different creative directions that had emerged. Each one addressed a slightly different way to visually express the brand's identity. During this conceptual phase, we angled text, tweaked individual letters and spacing, as well as elongating and shortening ascenders and descenders, all in an effort to create that one-of-a-kind, edgy look that was so important to the branding. 

Icon Development:

To play off the 'innocent' theme, many symbols were created. A shiny gold halo, a devilish red tail, hops and angel wings, all became visual elements woven into the logo design.

Colour Selection:

With a skillful eye, colours were carefully selected as the finishing touch for each logo design option. Every concept was evaluated in black and white (the true test of an effective logo), as well as a variety of Pantone colours and their CMYK and RGB formats, to develop alternative palettes that Innocente could pick from.

Logo Concepts

With three final unique logo options ready to go, each one was placed within a label design to show the full effect of the overall visual that would appear on the bottles.

Case Study Innocente Beer Bottles

From here, the logo concepts were presented and refined to achieve the final version. The corporate logo embodies both the historic European roots in a strong font choice, along with the playfulness of the halo and devil tail woven into the logo to represent the tongue-in-cheek aspect of the Innocente name.

Case Study Innocente Logo Final

Secondary Logo

A complementary secondary logo was developed for use on the beer cap, which also lent itself well to the wooden hand-cut sign hung outside the brewery (shown above left).

Developing a supporting tagline

Given the playfulness of the brand, we had some fun developing supporting taglines and created a few options that have appeared on many branded items such as the beer cap, website, signage, merchandise, vehicles, coasters, and tent cards to name a few.

Masonry Innocente 1
Masonry Innocente 2
Masonry Innocente 4
Masonry Innocente 3



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