There are many factors that drive the need for new marketing materials or an advertising campaign. Whether you’re launching a company or service, facing a rebrand due to a merger or acquisition, refreshing an old brand, communicating information or wanting to increase sales through a cohesive and strategic campaign, we have the expertise to guide you through the process and deliver results!  

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Developing materials and advertising campaigns customized to your business or service is our specialty.

With so many options available, how do you know which direction will most effectively reach your audience? Eyelight has the expertise to assess your business goals and guide you through the process to develop the right materials and campaign.

Our Process

The power of a first impression is priceless. Within a few seconds, your customer has already had a positive or negative interaction with your brand through your marketing materials; a website, brochure, direct mailer, or point-of-purchase display to name a few.

Our process begins with clearly understanding your business, market and goals. This foundation allows us to develop the most effective strategy and direction for any materials or campaign tactics.

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Creating the right marketing strategy is the first step

The strategies you employ set the course for so many things. They define your market, mediums, materials, messaging and how your marketing budget will be spent to accomplish them.

Be sure to keep your eye on the prize. Having a marketing plan and/or creative brief that clearly defines what your goals are, as well as the tactics and messages you will use to reach your target audience is a great tool to measure your activities by, while ensuring a consistent and a cohesive approach to accomplishing your objectives.

Our strategic process allows us to develop the most effective approach keeping your customer’s needs top-of-mind. The materials that are created as either individual pieces (such as a corporate overview brochure) or a comprehensive integrated campaign must resonate with your target audience. Pretty pictures and catchy slogans are fine and well, but it’s a solid strategy combined with the right messages and visuals that gets results.

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