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Brochure & Annual Report Design

A well-designed and informative brochure or catalogue can go a long way in your marketing efforts. It’s the silent salesperson that keeps selling your product or service long after your customer has left the store or business meeting, emptied their mailbox, or spoken with a sales associate. It offers a tactile story-like experience that addresses several aspects of your company, product or service, in a manner that allows you to control the flow of content.

An annual report offers many of the same features, although its primary function is to provide a financial summary to stakeholders. It will also act as an informative tool to showcase the goals and events achieved over the past year.

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Getting Started

The key to developing an effective piece is setting specific goals for it and then creating a design with targeted copy and images to achieve it.

For example, is the purpose of your piece to:

  • educate by taking complex subject matter and making it easy to understand? 
  • inform by providing general information or an overview of your business? 
  • introduce a new product or service? 
  • showcase your comprehensive list of services? 
  • catalogue your company’s product line and specifications? 
  • invite your customer to a special event with a tear-out promotional offer?

No matter the message, you have a story to share and we can help you communicate it clearly with an engaging design. Maybe the piece is a unique size, has interesting folds, includes a spot varnish, metallic ink or die-cut. Perhaps you only need a small print quantity run. If so, digital printing is the perfect cost-effective solution.

Whatever creative approach we use, it will be consistent with your brand, enhance your message, and accomplish your goals.

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