If you think about some of the most well-known brands, why are they effective? It’s because the company has a clear direction of what it wants the brand to be known for and its logo is a symbol that visually communicates those same attributes for a consistent message.

Although this sounds like an easy task, knowing how to truly leverage your brand’s advantages over your competitors takes experience, skill, and a great deal of strategy. Are you ready to collaborate on building a great brand? We’d love to help; it’s one of our specialities!

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  • Market research
  • Competitive review & analysis
  • Strategic marketing recommendations
  • Strategic brand planning & development
  • Branding & rebranding
  • Tagline development

Our Proven Approach to a successful rebrand

To develop an effective brand, it’s important to clearly understand why customers will choose yours over another and the key strengths that differentiate it. With our proven process, we help you identify the brand attributes that truly set you apart, establish the key messages that need be emphasized in your marketing, and work hard to uncover opportunities you can leverage against competitors.

Here is the process we typically go through when developing a brand:

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Understanding Your Business

No one knows your business better than you, so we begin with a kick-off meeting to learn more about your organization, goals, objectives, challenges, competitors, markets and more! We also take time to review industry resources and any existing marketing material you're using that may be impacted by the development or positioning of your new brand.

What Our Clients Say

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Tina Metcalfe
All of our staff who worked with Eyelight found them to be incredibly professional, knowledgeable, friendly and reliable. We truly enjoyed working with them through this process. I would highly recommend Eyelight to anyone who is looking for an agency who can deliver creative, strategic marketing services on time and budget. You will be impressed with the results, just as we were! Tina Metcalfe
Senior Manager of Communications and Development
Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region


We’ve helped more than 500 organizations with their marketing, design and web development needs. Bring our 30 years experience to your next project.

  • Steed And Evans
  • Hyphen
  • Innocente Brewing Company
  • Stecho
  • Grand River Hospital
  • Handstone
  • Spiffy Digs
  • Trademark Industrial
  • Sunlife Financial
  • Pillers
  • Dti Logistics Canada Inc
  • Roberts Onsite
  • Luthervillage
  • The Rae Lipskie Partnership
  • Cana-Vac
  • Lutherwood
  • Discount Mortgage Canada
  • Swiftspace


Your brand is the foundation of your entire business. To develop an effective identity takes time, strategy and budget.

Your brand must be strategically crafted to resonate with your market, differentiate you from competitors, and exude the core values you want to build through your marketing year after year. We can help you do that successfully!

To develop this significant starting point that will define how you market your products, services or organization, you will need to budget accordingly by treating this valuable step as an investment in your business that will pay off long-term, not as a short-term marketing expense.

Since your brand and its marketing challenges are unique to your business, we take a tailored approach to solving your individual needs through our strategic brand planning process. 

Typically, our brand development projects start at $6,000 and range in price depending upon the number of stakeholders involved with the project, the intricacy of the brand strategy required (for multiple markets, brands or new products) and the complexity of your competitive landscape.

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