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Brand Development: Bringing Stecho's New Brand to Life

Case Study Stecho Banner


As a family owned company since 1952, Harold Stecho Electric Ltd. had successfully built its business, stellar safety record and reputation as a leading electrical service provider in the ICI (industrial, commercial, institutional) and residential markets within Waterloo Region and Southwestern Ontario.

Over the years, Harold Stecho Electric grew to become one of the largest electrical contractors in the region by adding Stecho HVC Inc. (one of a few companies to specialize in commercial high voltage services) and acquiring Victoria Electric Ltd. in 2012 (another well-known company who had been serving the local residential market for 42 years).

Now with three company brands in tow and a blended staff, it was time to unite them under one banner by rebranding the company.


To successfully merge three distinct companies (Harold Stecho Electric, Stecho HVC, and Victoria Electric) into one strong brand by developing a new name and logo was going to require some professional assistance. The new identity also had another important job to do – to unite the staff and get them excited about working together as one cohesive team.

Whichever advertising agency Harold Stecho Electric selected, this marketing partner needed to offer expertise beyond brand strategy, they needed a proven track record in successfully launching a new brand and applying it across multiple marketing pieces. And of course, one of the most important sales tools that would be needed was a website; something none of the three companies had ever had.

After an extensive agency review process, Harold Stecho Electric selected Eyelight to work on its rebranding efforts. 

Case Study Stecho Building



Eyelight began the project by having a kick-off meeting with Harold Stecho Electric’s executive team to fully understand all three businesses, their markets and goals, as well as asking key questions to uncover the common strength (or brand
equity) that threaded through each of the three companies since each served a different market segment.


To successfully define Harold Stecho Electric’s brand position, it was essential to understand the competitive landscape and strategically determine where it would fit in order to leverage its strengths. To achieve this, a comprehensive research review was done on the company’s top three competitors, comparing everything from service offerings to geographic market locations, brand promises, key marketing messages, target markets, website user experience, credentials and more.

After an in-depth analysis of the research, it was abundantly clear how Harold Stecho Electric should be rebranded within the ICI and residential markets it serves; as a trusted industry leader, who is a highly experienced, skilled expert with a service reputation that is second to none.

The research also revealed several key marketing insights that would be invaluable to developing the strategic brand plan, new tagline and website.


There were several ways to rebrand Stecho given the merger. After careful strategic consideration, the following brand name options were presented:

Case Study Stecho Names

The chosen name was simply Stecho, as many customers often referred to the company this way. It also provided more flexibility for the organization to move into other business areas to fuel future growth.

Given Stecho’s well-earned success through its constant evolution over the last six decades, there was no way to know what opportunities would lay ahead of it; but whatever comes its way, Stecho’s brand would be well-positioned and ready to take it on.


Using our competitive research analysis and in-depth knowledge of Stecho’s business, we strategically defined the company’s brand position and developed a tagline to support and communicate its core strength:

The Power of Experience

This tagline was effective as an overarching message because it’s a common thread (benefit) that runs throughout every aspect of Stecho’s business. Whether it’s troubleshooting a job, finding better solutions that yield cost savings, specialty knowledge for high voltage or complex jobs, knowing how to accurately and competitively price jobs for clients, or doing the job right and on time, it’s the results (or power) of Stecho’s experience that delivers more to its customers than competitors can. In addition, the word ‘power’ also ties nicely into the electrical industry.



The original logo for Harold Stecho Electric (pictured above) had become dated and was no longer representative of the company it had become. It was time to develop a new corporate identity that visually positioned the brand on the exceptional level of experience and service it built its reputation on, while reflecting the three companies united as one (Harold Stecho Electric, Stecho High Voltage and Victoria Electric).


As the logo concepts began to take shape, we warmed up the orange and toned back the black to a cool shade of grey. This colour composition worked very well as a visual solution because it kept a similar colour scheme to Stecho’s original logo as a nod to its history, while ensuring the company’s identity changed enough to reflect its transition.

The fonts used during the concept development phase were clean, corporate and bold to project the brand’s position as being a significant leader in the market.

Case Study Stecho Logo Final


The final selected logo uses a heavier style of font to place a visual significance on the name (given its long history and well-earned reputation), while giving the company a bold, industrial/commercial look to reflect its trade services. A stacked ‘S’ icon was cleverly developed to represent the three companies (Harold Stecho Electric, Stecho HV and Victoria Electric) that had now come together to form one entity. The top segment of this symbol was made orange to visually tie back to the original logo and the company that started it all.

Masonry Stecho 1
Masonry Stecho 2
Masonry Stecho 4
Masonry Stecho 3


With the new corporate identity and tagline in place, it was time to bring the brand to life by successfully applying the visual design across a variety of marketing pieces and rolling it out through numerous activities such as:

  • Stationery (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, e-signature)
  • Responsive CMS website & employee intranet
  • Service vehicle graphics
  • Uniform program
  • Internal launch event (to unite staff and announce new work apparel program)
  • Building signage (interior/exterior)
  • Project profile sheets
  • Personalized customer announcement letter
  • Print & digital ads (Grand Magazine, Exchange Magazine, WATCH Magazine, GVCA, The Record)

Stecho’s brand launch was a major success and we continue to work with the company on building its brand and awareness.



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