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You’ve heard the old saying, “Every little bit helps” and in the case of making website improvements to enhance your visitors’ experience and help your page ranking with search engines, nothing could be truer. 

Making little changes now and again will pay off in the long run and keep your site performing at its best. So where do you start and what do you look at? 

Many times, we get so focused on making sure the home page is absolutely perfect in covering key points of information, we forget about giving other pages some TLC. They are just as important because every visitor who arrives on your site may not enter through your home page. 

For example, depending on what your visitor has searched for, they may arrive through your products page. If that’s the case, have you included all of the information they’re looking for there? This is an important point to remember when evaluating your content and making changes to your site.

Quick Tips  

Tip #1: Make sure your main headline offers a benefit, supports your brand positioning, and includes descriptive keywords about your offering.

For example: Superior Utility Trailers Built To Perform (rather than just ‘Our Trailers’) 

Why It Matters: This may help improve your site’s ranking with search engines because your copy will be a better match to the keywords your customer may be searching on. It also tells your customer the benefit they will receive from buying your brand.

Tip #2: Break long paragraphs of copy into bulleted lists and use sub-headings (when appropriate)

For example: Our efficiency, expertise and attention to detail lead to cost-effective fabricated
solutions for:

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)
  • Hoppers
  • Scrubbers and Absorbers
  • Balance of Plant Ducting  

Why It Matters: By improving readability, there’s a better chance visitors will read your copy and be convinced to do business with you because they understand how your products/services meet their needs. This will create a desire to learn more prompting them to take action (i.e. sending an email to request a quote).

Tip #3: Add text links to your copy to connect and lead visitors to other sections of your website.

For example: To see our range of experience and a select portfolio of our work, visit our Project Gallery.

Why It Matters: Cross linking provides an easy and convenient way to encourage visitors to go to other sections of your site that might interest them or that they may have missed in the navigation menu. Sometimes extending an invitation is all it takes to prompt visitors to learn more about you.

This in turn helps keep them on your site longer. The longer they stay on your website, the more engaged they are with your brand and this can improve your chances of converting them from a casual visitor into a new customer.

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Tip #4: Text link your copy to a glossary of terms when using technical terminology (if appropriate)

For example: Our 3,400 sq. ft. facility offers Type B asphalt and Type C asphalt.

Why It Matters: This will help educate visitors on the types of products/services you offer and help them confirm they’ve found what they’re looking for. A glossary is also a good way to help build site traffic because many people search for definitions.

Tip #5: Clearly outline your product/service benefits and how it solves a problem your target customer might be experiencing.

For example: With construction divisions in two regions, a modern fleet of equipment, as well as multiple material supply sites throughout the area, our extensive range of resources can easily fulfill your job requirements through a single source, saving you time and money.

Why It Matters: Visitors don’t care about you, but they will if you can solve their problem. Explain what’s in it for them and how it will make their task at hand easier. Showing how you can be of value will encourage your web visitor to take action by contacting you.

Tip #6: Include a call to action on each page and be specific about what you want your visitor to do.

For Example:

  • To learn more about how you can save 10% on your first purchase, call 555-555-5555 or email
  • Display your phone number and/or email link on each page’s header or footer
  • Have a “Request for Quote” or “Quick Quote” graphic to draw attention  

Why It Matters: The easier you can make it for visitors to take action and engage with you, the greater likelihood of converting more visitors into potential customers/leads.

Tip #7: Add functionality, not just information.

For example: A currency calculator, mortgage calculator, material calculator

Why It Matters: Adding a functional, interactive resource to your website not only improves user experience, it creates a benefit and reason for visitors to bookmark and/or return to your website. A calculator or conversion tool is also a good way to help build site traffic because it’s a common search term.

Tip #8: Mention the markets and/or geographic regions you serve, as well as any product application details within the body copy of your website.

For example:

  • Our portfolio of work ranges from small to large scale projects for the provincial, municipal, commercial, institutional and private sectors.
  • Serving Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph, our consulting services….
  • This product is ideal for wood, vinyl, and fabric applications.  

Why It Matters: This will help your search engine rankings because your copy will be a better match to the keywords your customer is searching for. Mentioning your regions, markets, and product applications throughout your site is important because visitors don’t go through it in a linear fashion. There are always going to be pages and content they will miss, so it’s important to make sure the pertinent information is emphasized and available in the right spots. That’s why user experience and content planning are so important!

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Final Thoughts

Never stop looking for ways to improve your site - big or small. Always stay focused on keeping your website fresh, up-to-date, and most importantly relevant to your customer!

Every effort you invest will contribute to the success of converting leads into customers, increasing sales, and improving your website’s user experience and search engine ranking, just a little bit more every day.

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