Ontario companies and organizations with more than 49 employees are required to make their website accessible to meet Ontario's multi-phase accessibility laws. Even if your company is smaller than 49, an accessible website can be good for business as one in seven Ontarians has a disability.

Already Have a Site?
If your current website wasn't built with accessibility in mind it most-likely doesn't meet Ontario's standards.  We'll help you identify if your existing website meets accessibility requirements. If it doesn't, we'll create a plan and provide support to get you there.

About to Develop A New Site?
When creating a new website you need to plan for accessibility from the start and ensure it's a key consideration at every phase of development. We include accessibility throughout our design process for new sites.

Accessibility Consulting Services

  • Website and application auditing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Accessible website planning and strategy
  • Ongoing accessibility monitoring
  • Support for your design or development team
  • Support and training for content authors
  • Accessible web and graphic design
  • Accessible web and application development
  • Accessible PDF auditing and creation

What Our Clients Say

We were about to launch a new site for Laurier's students and needed to ensure it met AODA compliance. With students arriving within a few weeks for the Fall semester we were under a tight deadline.

Eyelight completed an accessibility audit and delivered a detailed report that outlined areas of the site that were not compliant. They then worked with our development team to review issues in detail and provide code and usability recommendations.

I'm very happy to recommend Eyelight. Our 'current student' site launched on time and it met all the accessibility requirements.
Mirela Askraba
Program Manager, Web Renewal
Wilfrid Laurier University


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  • Grand River Hospital
  • Lutherwood
  • Fischer Group
  • Buchner Manufacturing
  • Roberts Onsite
  • Stecho
  • Luthervillage On The Park
  • CPF
  • Custom Foam Systems

What will it cost to review my site?

Existing Sites
Every site is different and the techniques required to make each site accessible can vary. We'll test your site by performing an audit and delivering a comprehensive report. If any issues are identified we'll provide recommendations to make your site accessible and help implement any required changes.

  • Basic Site Audit
    From $1,500
    1+ week
  • Complex Site Audit
    From $5,000
    2+ weeks
  • Web Application Audit
    From $2,500
    2+ weeks

New Site Designs
Special attention needs to be paid to many areas when creating a new site, these include: design, development, writing, content entry, training and testing. Based on these requirements you should expect a new accessible site to cost a bit more.  To learn more about our process and starting cost range for designing a new accessible site visit our custom web design page.

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