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How Will An Integrated Ad Campaign Increase Sales?

Integrated campaigns employ multiple forms of media incorporating a mix of traditional methods such as direct mail, print ads, radio, transit and billboards, along with non-traditional online advertising such as social media, AdWords and banner ads to name a few.

The goal of a strategic media mix is to communicate a unified message across a variety platforms that effectively reaches your target audience at multiple touch points to build awareness. A successful campaign manages consumer perceptions and responses, while impacting attitudes towards your product or service. 

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An integrated campaign with a consistent message will:
  • strengthen your brand.
  • build trust with your customers.
  • lessen confusion about the benefit of your product or service.
  • create uniformity with visual elements.
  • streamline your budget with reusable creative elements.
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Types of Advertising

Billboard and Transit

You have mere seconds to make an impact and engage your customer. We make that happen by fusing powerful graphics with compelling copywriting. The key to effective outdoor advertising is combining a clean design with a single, focused message. Communicating more details should be left to mediums like your website. 

In addition to helping you craft the perfect marketing message and visual design for your outdoor ads, we'll also coordinate all of the media buying with Pattison Outdoors (for most billboard media), StreetSeen Media (for bus ads), and Grand River Transit (for bus shelters or bench ads).

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Merchandising (Point-of-Purchase)

Point-of-purchase items are an ideal way to bring your product to life in-store, reflect your brand attributes and tell your story. Whether it's promotion specific or supporting a corporate message, we make sure you get noticed and your customers are enticed to interact with your brand. Eyelight has years of experience developing custom displays for grocery chains, as well as national retail hardware banner and box stores. 

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Direct Mail

A well-designed mailer will create a different ‘buzz’ than that of an electronic message. It can take many forms whether it's a simple postcard or a unique custom designed dimensional item that is hand delivered.

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Broadcast (Radio, Video & TV) 

Start generating a high volume of awareness, leads or sales with some mass market advertising. Radio and TV commercials or program sponsorships are the perfect choice when you’re trying to reach a large segment of customers locally or nationally.

Although the rates are higher given the reach of these mediums and require a larger media budget, the impact and results you can create with a frequent, single-focused campaign message are like no other.

Another great form of broadcast to promote your product, service or organization online, at tradeshows or even in-store, is video. Engaging viewers through sound and visual images can leave an impression that lasts longer than other forms of advertising and help shorten your sales cycle since it’s a better platform for educating potential customers.

Radio Ads for Deutschmann Law

30 Second Radio Spot #1: Motor Vehicle Accident
30 Second Radio Spot #2: Long Term Disability Denial

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Print Ads

What are you trying to communicate? Who is your target? These questions are just our starting point. Engage your consumers with motivating, focused print ads, whether it be newspaper, consumer publications or targeted trade publications. While newspaper is usually the best choice for time and price sensitive information, magazine ads last long after the publication has been released. 

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Digital Advertising 

Online advertising and campaigns open your brand to a huge marketplace. It can complement your traditional advertising efforts offline, while giving you the ability to drive traffic online to your website by reaching several mass markets at once or targeting many customers within a market segment.

Paid search ads, display banner ads, remarketing, pre-roll videos and more through Google AdWords, display networks, and YouTube are just a few considerations for your next online campaign. Will it be PPC (pay-per-click) for a more economical approach or impression-focused to really generate some brand awareness? The key to selecting the best tool(s) and approach starts with the goals you’re trying to achieve with your campaign and ends with measuring the effectiveness of your ads through the increase of activity on your website.

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Getting Started

There are so many options for advertising. How do you choose which ones are best for your campaign? That’s where we can help! Here’s our process to get started.


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