Are You Considering Print Advertising?

What are you trying to communicate? Who is your target? These questions are just our starting point. Whether you're developing a single ad or a campaign series, it’s important to ensure your message is clear, the design is engaging and the overall ad engages potential customers.

While newspaper is usually the best choice for time and price sensitive information, magazine ads last long after the publication has been released. How often have you been waiting prior to an appointment, flipping through a magazine and an ad caught your eye? 

What's On This Page:

  1. The Benefits of Advertising in a Consumer Magazine
  2. The Benefits of Advertising in a B2B or Trade Publication
  3. The Benefits of Newspaper Advertising
  4. Getting Started
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The benefits of advertising in a consumer magazine

General interest consumer publications are a perfect vehicle to help promote your retail product or service to the mass market. These publications have large volume readership and as a result are more costly to advertisers. It’s important to select a magazine that best reflects your brand’s personality to reach your target audience. If your advertisements are part of a larger integrated campaign, we can assist with developing the right media mix, designing your ads, as well as coordinating the media, schedules and details.

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The benefits of advertising in a B2B or trade publication

Trade publications are targeted to a specific industry and therefore read by those within that market who influence buying decisions. Ads designed for these publications speak your customer’s language, so there’s less work required to educate and more emphasis placed on the benefit. These publications are valuable resources for the latest industry news, special reports, surveys, and feature articles, all of which attract readership. Trade publications have a controlled subscription as opposed to paid subscription and are viewed as a trusted source. They're often less expensive than mass media publications.

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The benefits of newspaper advertising

Given newspaper’s immediacy as a daily source of information, it’s a perfect medium for price or time sensitive offers. Newspaper advertising is also a great way to keep your product or service top-of-mind in your community to build brand awareness. 

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Getting Started

With any ad, consumer or trade publication, the message must be clear. The key to developing an effective ad is setting specific goals for it and then creating a design with targeted copy and images to achieve it.

For example, is the purpose of your ad to:

  • inform by providing general information or an overview of your business?
  • introduce a new product or service?
  • announce an addition to your team, product or service?
  • educate by taking complex subject matter and making it easy to understand?
  • invite customers to an upcoming tradeshow?

Whatever creative approach we use, it will be consistent with your brand, enhance your message, and accomplish your goals.

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